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Act Three Scene Three: Victoria park

I was lying in bed last night recounting everything that happened between us. Every word, smile, glance, everything. I keep trying to decipher whether or not I should continue. It was a movie moment as we sat in the coffee shop sharing office gossip when all of a sudden you reveal my fear. You say your secret is past romantic encounters with a fellow member of the editorial board (re: not me) but there is a catch you are still dealing with it . I am certain I must have clipped my heart from my sleeve shoved it in my mouth and swallowed it (when you were not looking of course). I remember the exact thought I had when I walked away from you: maybe I haven't met him yet .

I was thinking that night about how much time and energy I invested in sizing up all the options at the party that night. Maybe I won't meet him tonight and maybe I have not met him yet. Love is a scavanger hunt and I have not quite found all the pieces yet. It's not depressing, it just means I have to start over. So I rubbed out all the names I wrote on the black board and promised a new start. Did any of these boys really fit with what I wanted anyways?

On the other hand - it isn't really over. I suppose I am just looking for a plan of attack. I know exactly where I want to go: Victoria Park covered with Christmas lights and an ice rink for skating. The only question now is who will hold my hand and pick the snowflakes off my eyelashes.

Allison xo

6:54 p.m. - 12/05/2004


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